Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm back!

Given Big Jim's heroic effort to keep the blog alive in my absence, I decided I must also devote a few moments to this wonderful site. And what subject could bring me out of my long hibernation? Why, my favorite subject of all, Magical Me!

More specifically, I'm here today to talk about my hair and how awesome it's become in recent months. I had decided to grow it out a bit a while back. It was a last-ditch attempt to stick it to the man before going to work for the man. And now the results are glorious.

I have two basic looks that I can run with. I can walk out the door after a shower without doing anything to it, whereupon I become a dead ringer for comedian and Daily Show correspondent John Oliver. It's a good look for most social occasions and informal gatherings.

Not bad, right?

But when I need something a little more businesslike, I can rock the side-part. This is where it gets even more awesome. I have really thick hair, and now that it's long as well, there's just all sorts of luscious volume when I comb it to the side. In fact, you might say I have Lego Hair.


(Now that my youngest child is almost six months, I'll try to resume a semi-regular blogging schedule.)

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