Monday, January 11, 2010

Domino's New Recipe

So Mrs. Rico and I tried Domino's' brand new pizza recipe last night. A few thoughts:
  1. It's significantly better than the old recipe. From the time I brought it in the door, the aroma was strong and tantalizing. The first bites were promising, as both the sauce and the cheese were much more flavorful than the old crappy Domino's.
  2. The crust was significantly better as well. As Mrs. Rico perceptively observed, it's flavoring is reminiscent of Papa John's garlic butter dipping sauce. Presumably, it's quite fattening.
  3. I would now rank Domino's slightly behind Pizza Hut and slightly ahead of Papa John's on my Big 3 pizza rankings.
  4. We decided to get the pizza after seeing an ad for it during the Packers-Cardinals playoff game. Big mistake. Approximately 47 million Wisconsinites saw the same commercial and got the same idea, causing a long delay once Jake and I got to the store.
  5. Colbert had a pretty funny piece on Domino's candor in its new campaign.
I give the new recipe a Gentleman's B. Given how hard they've pushed this advertising campaign, it was ultimately a little disappointing. Still, any efforts to improve the amount of cheap, quality pizza in this world must be applauded and encouraged. So I salute you, Domino's.

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