Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Jim Dywer's Theory of Notre Dame Football

Four of the five last coaches at Notre Dame have been failures. Faust was in way over his head but recruited well. Willingham, being way over his head, tried the alternative and decided not to recruit at all. For some reason, this tactic proved to be equally unsuccessful. Davie, had decent defenses, but recruited in fits and never developed a competent offence. Weis recruited very well but never adjusted to the college game. The fifth, Holtz, was a good coach and won the national championship.

My theory goes that a competent (i.e. not necessarily good) coach can regularly win 10 games at Notre Dame, which would put us in contention for a BCS game every year and an occasional run at a national title. Notre Dame should therefore hire a competent-to-great football coach. Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Bob Stoops aren't coming to Notre Dame. Brian Kelly is 12-0 and scored 45 points on a Pit team, which beat ND. It is debatable whether a single started on Cincinnati's offense would start at ND. Brian Kelly has now turned around 3 college programs. Brian Kelly is at the least a competent coach. Hire Brian Kelly.


Big Jim Dwyer has received footage of the model for John Tenuta's blitz schemes. Watch the whole video for context, but pay careful attention to 3:40-4:15.

Get it? Got it. Good.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Children of the Night

We're all big Twilight fans here at WEHTC™. Thus, in honor of the new movie, I thought I'd post some appropriate music by the band Vampire Weekend: